Why learning a language is a game and how to break the rules

Language has a major significance in our life as it permits us to share our thoughts and emotions. It's far able to build society and also tear it down into pieces. We, human beings, are the supreme outstanding and special among all the creatures in the world and are distinguished by other ones based on the most prominent feature i.e, language.

Language has made human beings advanced creatures because it develops social relationships.


Gaining Knowledge of the Mother Tongue


There is a saying that, in case you speak to a man in a language he is acquainted with, it goes to his head, but if you speak to him in his mother tongue, it goes directly to his heart.


Mother tongue will help the students in getting a better experience in their cultural historical past and consequently helps them progress in lifestyles with the roots intact.


Playful Learning


The children observe language on the level they are capable of bringing sounds, characters, and words together. The interactive sessions, due to the audiovisual techniques and the actual geniality of the exploration as playing, in preference to gaining knowledge, will build curiosity in learning languages.


Games provide a useful and significant context for language use; inspire students to interact and talk; can both challenge and reduce anxiety and assist students to maintain the full-size attempt in gaining knowledge of a language.


Games can provide a distinct experience from the old recurring language class. Games ought to make language training less threatening for less confident children as their situation about getting shape correctly is taken care of.


Motivating the Unmotivated


Playful learning will be more effective in comparison to traditional techniques. It encourages innovative and spontaneous use of language. It helps to gain communicative competence. The learning becomes motivating and amusing with adaptations of skillful methods. It develops cognitive abilities. The learning method is extraordinarily student-targeted and enables to foster complete-elegance. It focuses on grammar through the creative inclusion of communicative learning.


The games can positively impact learning. In the new world of teaching, instructors have to ensure not just that their students learn but that they acquire the skills they need for life. Games can help students learn the ramifications of important talents such as critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.


Indulging in learning as a game in the classroom isn't a waste of time. When you get the right blend of playing and learning, it develops a child’s autonomous learning skills and encourages them to spend more time on responsibilities – both of which have a massive impact on learner outcomes.


Leveraging this familiarity, the mother tongue may be put to the greatest possible use all through early schooling because it ends in a miles higher expertise of basics as well as builds a more positive mindset toward school, mastering, and schooling.


Breaking Rules of  Traditional Learning


Audiolingual method


The higher priority is given to spoken form which includes activities like role play so as the dialogues drilled into students until they get the pronunciations and rhythm proper.


Communicative approach


This approach seeks to expand the abilities that allow students to meaningfully have interaction with every different. The teacher must offer as many possibilities to present and obtain significant conversation as feasible together with giving them a mission that could best be achieved by way of using the target language.


The Silent manner


It’s more than a fantasy as proponents of this “alternative” technique accept the truth that coaching too much with less participation of students will be a boring method. Instead, encouraging them to discover and determine the language for themselves will show better results than just letting them repeat what the trainer says.


Natural method


It gives time for children to absolutely concentrate on the language techniques. The emergence of speech isn’t a concern. Listening comprehension is given importance.


Exploring New Strategies


Akshharam, being an online Malayalam learning school, has adopted a uniquely personal approach to each child, providing literature-centric classes using modern technologies. With the aid of stories, music, and new teaching methods, an experiment in Malayalam classes for kids.  


Cognitive and affective tactics are also practiced consisting of trouble fixing, vocabulary building while mastering the Malayalam language.  With a team of language experts as instructors, Akshharam focuses on encouraging children to develop language skills through fun-filled activities such as creating and (re)telling the stories, etc.  This way Akshharam creates an accessible and intuitive method for processing language and creativity.   


  1. Identifying areas of interest in children and teaching them taring on those areas will help them develop a liking for the language.


  1. Stories and rhymes along with techniques of teaching sounds and accents through games put together to help them understand the language with enthusiasm.


  1. It helps them a lot to learn the language as games by building blocks of letters to words and sentences.


  1. Providing additional audiovisual learning materials will manually help the kids to learn language appropriately.


Language allows humans from different places to recognize each other's culture, norms, religions, and traditions. Now we're transferring closer to localization after translation offerings as the multi-linguistic global needs more than one language concerning its importance. Akshharam tops up a new world of wisdom for you through language learning in a unique style.