Passing on Malayalam to the younger generation is a common challenge faced by many Malayali parents who live outside Kerala. Akshharam is a learning initiative that helps parents address this challenge.

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Level 1


Harishree Sessions

Introduction to Malayalam writing
Level 2


Vaayanashaala Sessions

Fluency in Reading and Writing
Level 4


Kilikonchal Sessions

Conversational Malayalam practice

About Akshharam

Akshharam® Online Malayalam language learning school offers live classes and real tutors which provides the most interactive and fun way to learn Malayalam language. In our online school we provide both private and group lessons online for the age group of 5 years onwards.

We provide customized lesson plans for each class based on their interest and language levels. We use the most effective method for each student which help them learn how to read, write and most importantly speak Malayalam language.

A presentation by one of our Level 3 student

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