Here are the 7 ways to help kids conquer the fear of public speaking

Do you know at some point, every child faces a fear…. public speaking!. Yes, but many approach it with anxiety instead of excitement. Let's change that. Building strong public speaking skills isn't just about the words; it's about confidence and creativity.


It is well known that speaking in front of groups of people may make children nervous. But, you have the power to help your child overcome that fear and build essential communication skills that will last a lifetime. Trust us, these skills will be their lifelong superpower.



7 practical strategies to turn your child into an effective public speaker:


1. Understand Their Fear


First things first, let's get to the root of the fear. It's essential to have an open conversation with your child to understand why they feel anxious about public speaking. Maybe they're worried about being judged or making mistakes. By knowing what triggers their fear, you can provide targeted support and reassurance.


2. Create a Safe Space at Home


Building confidence starts at home. Encourage your child to express themselves freely without judgment. Organize mini "speech sessions" where they can practice speaking in front of family members. Make it fun by discussing a topic they're passionate about or even pretending to host their own show!


3. Develop Gradually


Start simple and gradually increase the challenge. Begin with one-on-one conversations, then progress to speaking in front of a small group of family or friends. As your child gains confidence, they'll be better equipped to tackle larger audiences.


4. Enroll in a Speaking Class


Just like learning a new language, public speaking is a skill that can be taught. Look for local or online public speaking classes that cater to kids. Understand your child's interest and comfort level.


5. Encourage Preparation


Help your child understand that even professional speakers rehearse. Teach them how to organize their thoughts, create an outline, and practice their speech multiple times. Familiarity with their content will boost their confidence and reduce anxiety.


6. Positive Visualization


Visualization is a powerful tool. Encourage your child to visualize themselves confidently speaking in front of an audience. This technique can help them become more comfortable with the idea of public speaking and reduce performance anxiety.


7. Celebrate Their Efforts


Celebrate every step your child takes towards conquering their fear. Whether it's a small group presentation or a class speech, acknowledge their effort and progress.  Supportive behaviour goes a long way in boosting their confidence and motivation.


Public speaking is a skill that can be developed, not an innate talent. By creating a supportive environment, encouraging practice, and providing the right resources, you can help your child to overcome their fear and make a confident communicator. But there is another crucial factor that backs up this confidence - Language!



The Power of Language Learning


Language is more than just words—it's a bridge connecting people, cultures, and ideas. Studies reveal that language learning is a mental workout, boosting cognitive abilities and acting as a shield against cognitive decline.


Akshharam, the online Malayalam language learning school helps kids who wish to learn Malayalam more effectively since it recognises the power of language. The lessons are offered online and after school, for the children's convenience.  In order to guarantee proper learning, classrooms are organised into various levels that correspond to the children's level of knowledge. If you are unsure about your child's language skills, take a beginner malayalam online learning class to get started. Keep in mind that every step you take today is a step closer to your goal.  


At Akshharam, we make learning Malayalam really fun and interactive. We use activities like building new words, telling stories, and more to keep our lessons interesting and easy to understand. We encourage you to embrace your mother tongue, for it holds the essence of your heritage and identity.



Parental Involvement and Communication


Akshharam recognizes that a child's educational journey is a partnership between parents, educators, and students. The program places great importance on transparent communication with parents, providing regular updates on progress, achievements, and areas of improvement. This collaborative approach ensures that parents are actively involved in their child's growth and development.


Akshharam isn't just an online Malayalam class for kids; it's a platform designed to nurture a love for learning and exploration. Their mission is to create an environment where children can discover their passions, develop critical skills, and ensure overall growth. Also, let's not forget the significance of preserving our mother tongue—a treasure trove of culture, history, and identity. Let's help your kids learn malayalam and celebrate their journey towards success.