Tips for Building Vocabulary and Expanding Knowledge of Malayalam Idioms and Expressions


If one has a great vocabulary, one gets the benefit of communicating better in everyday life and expressing oneself in the best possible manner. As the vocabulary gets better, the more precise one becomes about what is said or written.


When your child is about to include a word in their vocabulary list, it must be made sure that they understand its meaning properly and then use and reuse it.


The importance of Idioms lies in the fact that they allow one to express themselves in different unique ways. You may say, "Kakkaykkum than kunju ponkunju",


instead of "Enikkente kunju unniyanu''. The former is a more complicated and fascinating statement. Idioms are also quite amusing and they allow you to express yourself more authentically while also exhibiting your personality and sense of humor.


Here are some tips to build a strong Malayalam vocabulary and expand the knowledge about Malayalam idioms and phrases:




Reading widely in Malayalam is the best way to build vocabulary, and expand knowledge of idioms and expressions. By reading, one can learn vocabulary and reinforce it.


If the kids are not able to read, they must be guided in the process and taught to read with confidence. Reading not only helps in enriching the vocabulary but also helps the child come across tons of new words and offers a real feel for them. In addition to textbooks, interesting storybooks should also be provided.


As per research, a large number of words are learned from context. When words are learned in the context of situations and sentences, kids experience huge benefits in terms of all the aspects of vocabulary - acquisition, learning, recall, and retention.


Vocabulary should never be learned in isolation, but always in context.


One of the simplest ways to introduce context into vocabulary learning is to learn vocabulary in sentences. This way, kids get introduced to several words at a time and clarify their meanings.


Let the kids use idioms and expressions in sentences or conversations and solidify their understanding of them.


Apart from sentences, words can be learned through stories, songs, or just everyday situations.


For example, you can try to imagine a conversation about the weather next week by looking up a weather forecast and how it will affect your much-awaited picnic. The kids can thus learn weather-related words more easily.


Listen To Learn


When you talk to kids in Malayalam, make them listen carefully and pick up new words. Let them figure out the context and try them out themselves.


Kids must have conversations with those who are experts in Malayalam. They must attend classes by educators who can transfer the essence of the language in the best form.


If the kids study under the guidance of a native speaker, the idioms and expressions can be understood in context, and also the correct pronunciation is provided.


Write Down Unfamiliar Words You Read And Hear


Make your child practice writing down the unfamiliar word they come across while listening or speaking. Thus, they will be able to retain the word in their memories better.


Use The Dictionary For Translation


There can be multiple meanings and shades of meaning for a word. The word could have been used in different contexts. The meaning if guessed right also stands the chance of misinterpretation. Let your children refer to the dictionary and write short definitions of the word, put it in their own words, and record it in their vocabulary notebooks. This way it is easy to understand and remember.


It's not only important to use appropriate words in the relevant places, but also how you pronounce them. Kids should be made to jot down the pronunciation of the Malayalam word phonetically in a way they can understand and say them aloud several times.


Use The New Word


Encourage your kids to use the new word several times both in spoken/written communication.


Watch Vocabulary Development Videos


Make your kids watch vocabulary development videos, and learn synonyms, antonyms, and different parts of speech of the word at a time.


Watch Malayalam Movies And Shows


The dialogues in Malayalam movies and shows often use idioms and expressions. So if your kids watch these films and shows, they can be acquainted with more idioms and expressions.


Practice Speaking And Writing In Malayalam


Let your kids use the language more so that they can learn and remember more words, idioms, and expressions.


Learn Idioms And Expressions In Groups


It is easier to remember and use idioms and expressions by grouping them based on theme or category.


Use Flashcards Or Other Memory Aids


A helpful way for kids to memorize idioms and expressions is to create flashcards or other memory aids with the idioms or expressions on one side and their meanings on the other.


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