Time Management – Practical Tips To Make Malayalam Online Teaching Easier

Are you finding it difficult to manage your time while teaching Malayalam online? Many faculty who take online Malayalam classes seem to agree that teaching Malayalam online is more time-consuming than teaching it offline. Well, managing time is a very important skill that everyone should master. But the fact is that you cannot manage your time. You can only manage the events in your life to effectively utilize your time. How you utilize your time depends on how you prioritize, plan, schedule, and perform your tasks. As a faculty member, if you want to make effective use of your time while teaching Malayalam online, then plan and prioritize your tasks wisely, as time is a valuable and limited resource.

People who manage their time well enjoy the following benefits:

• increased productivity.

• Active and energetic.

• Low stress levels.

• They can do things that they enjoy.

• Can take part in different activities or perform multiple tasks.

• Be more positive and feel better about yourself.

Hence, to enjoy these benefits, it is vital to utilize the time optimally. Managing time is a skill that you master with continuous practice, and it doesn't happen overnight. So, remember, persistence is the key.

Let us check out some practical ways to make Malayalam online teaching easier for you.

1. Plan your sessions: It is vital to plan how you want to take the session. Divide your session into blocks, with each block allotted for different tasks like teaching, interacting with the students, clearing their doubts, engaging them in activities, and Q&A sessions. This way, you can control how you spend the whole session during the online Malayalam teaching.

2. Address questions and doubts: Some faculty tend to respond to student queries while taking the session; others prefer to dedicate so much time at the end of the session solely for questions and answers. You can choose which works best for you. Also, while addressing student queries, it is always better to address the whole class to save time and to avoid repeat or similar queries.

3. Choose your teaching style. While some faculty like to take sessions in a crisp and precise format without much elaboration, others like to give explanations in the form of stories with details and examples. Choose a style that fits your session time. Also, try different ways to explain or clarify something to the students to make them understand what is being taught instead of repeating the same statement.

4. Take breaks. If you feel you need a break in between sessions, assign tasks to students, like making them do a quick presentation, asking them to discuss something within their group, or engaging them in some activity. By doing so, you won't feel burned out or exhausted and can feel rejuvenated.


5. Establish a Routine: It is better to set aside the same time during your sessions to facilitate discussions with the students, assign projects, grade assignments, and offer feedback. This way, you will be able to keep track of your time.

6. Use audio-visual teaching elements. If there are some extra minutes left in your session after you are done teaching, then try using different teaching aids while teaching Malayalam online. It will make the students engaged, and you will be able to effectively use those extra few minutes without wasting them.

By following these tips, you will be able to effectively use your time while teaching Malayalam online.

If you are looking to enhance your time management skills for online Malayalam teaching, begin planning early. You can either plan for a day, a week, or the whole month ahead. Prepare a list of tasks to be completed in each session, then decide the order in which you have to finish the tasks based on their priority. To make things easier,  structure your daily task list by dividing your tasks into categories of urgent, non-urgent, important, and not-important. This will help you prioritize your activities and ensure that you are making the best use of your time. Also, make sure to use more student-centered activities to make them talk in order to free up your time. Student-centered activities, like giving a talk or a presentation, working in pairs or groups, etc., can help you take short breaks. This will make your work easy.

At Akshharam, the leading provider of online Malayalam classes for children, our faculties follow these steps to ensure that they manage their time effectively during their sessions, which makes it easier for them to conduct sessions smoothly. If you are looking for the best summer online Malayalam classes to enroll your child in, then have them join Akshharam and make their summer vacation educational and enjoyable.