Summer activities for kids at home – letter writing to loved ones


Summer is here to embrace the northern hemisphere in its warm hugs and rays of sunshine. Summer vacation is also here for kids who are in countries like the UK and the USA, with the promise of unlimited play time and good weather, perfect for outdoor activities. Even though summer is the perfect time to explore the outdoors and engage in fun outdoor activities, with a little engagement from your side, you can also include writing exercises in your kids’ busy summer schedules. Akshharam Online Malayalam Language Learning School wishes you and your family a cheerful summer. In this article, we will discuss the importance of summer writing exercises and letter writing to family and loved ones.

The importance of writing exercises

Writing is an essential skill every kid and student develops as they grow in the academic environment. It is a way to put forward your opinions, thoughts, and knowledge in a curated way for others to comprehend. Regardless of the language, writing exercises will improve the imagination, creativity, and cognitive development of children. Summer  is the perfect time for you to engage them in writing something, whether it be a diary, letter, or story, because during the summer they are not plagued with school work and thus will have more time to experiment and expand their writing skills.

If your kid is learning Malayalam or any other language, writing exercises will expand their vocabulary and comprehension levels as well. These writing exercises can also work as a very fine bridge that can help your child transition seamlessly into the next academic year without suffering from the summer brain drain.

Creativity: A child’s imagination is a wonderful virtue, and there is no better tool to sharpen the imagination of a kid than writing. Writing exercises make the kid think and search for new words, and as they write, they learn to use the words they have learned in creative ways. Writing is the number-one fuel for imagination, and imagination fuels creativity.

Cognitive development: Writing is a mental exercise, and along with boosting the child’s creative mind, it also helps in improving and developing their cognitive abilities. Whether they are writing a letter or a story, it encourages them to think, take inspiration from their surroundings, organize their thoughts and ideas, and express them in a creative language that is also comprehensible. This mental gymnastics can improve your child’s overall cognitive abilities and seriously contribute to their academic performance.

Improve vocabulary: Writing is also an exercise that can naturally improve the vocabulary of your child. If your child is learning Malayalam, a writing exercise, for example, a letter writing exercise, will make them search for new words they need to express their experience, thoughts, and feelings in that language. The words they use during the writing exercise will make a stronger impression on them, making the learning more natural.

Letter writing in the Summer

Letter writing, unlike a story or a poem, is an intimate affair. It is an exchange between two parties, and much like your diary, it might contain details about your life, your thoughts, ideas, and hopes. However, just like stories and poems, letters can be creative and imaginative. Letter writing is a summer activity with a purpose you can encourage your kids to do. Writing letters addressing their grandparents, family members, and cousins at home will give them a purpose to look around, rearrange their thoughts, and recall the right words.

To encourage malayalam letter writing in the summer among your kids, first you need to introduce them to the traditional structure and style of a letter. While introducing the general structure of a letter, remind them that they can add their own little creative changes to the structure and the writing style they use to write the letter if they’d like. To give them examples, read them your own letters or famous books that are collections of letters. Reading such examples helps them comprehend the purpose of letter writing and the different ways they can express themselves in a letter.

When they finally have an idea of what a letter is, its structure, and purpose, the next step is encouraging them to write one themselves. Go shopping with them to buy everything they need for letter writing. Let them choose the kind of paper and envelope they want, and arrange the perfect space for them to get started. In case they run out of vocabulary, be ready to help them with new words and remember to explain the meaning and contexts in which that word can be used. If they are out of ideas on what to write, remind them of incidents and prompt them to ask questions in the letter. As they write, guide them gently and let them make mistakes.  When your kid finally finishes the letter, make them read it out loud and appreciate their handy work



Fostering imagination, creativity, cognitive development, language comprehension, and vocabulary, letter writing also helps children express themselves and their experiences. So go shopping with your kids for the best letter-writing gear this summer and help them write sweet letters to loved ones. Akshharam Malayalam Language Learning School Online offers learning modules tailored to accommodate students at every stage of their Malayalam language prowess and creates a comprehensive learning path for everyone. This summer, connect with us to enrol in our summer online Malayalam classes and go further in your Malayalam learning journey.