How can you integrate Malayalam learning into a daily routine after online sessions for kids?

Do you ever look at your child with fascination and delight at how fast they catch on to new things or at their unique way of perceiving the world? Young children never cease to amaze us with their quirkiness; they learn much faster than we do!

At Akshharam Online Malayalam Language Learning School, we have outstanding online programmes to aid your child’s Malayalam language learning journey. However, you should know that learning a language is not a linear process. Your child can use all the help they can get. So here we will talk about how you can integrate Malayalam into your daily routine to boost your child’s learning experience further.


Surround yourself with Malayalam!

Surrounding your child with chances to interact in Malayalam is something you can easily achieve in your daily routine. Speak in Malayalam to your child and other family members; even if your child doesn't understand Malayalam, they will eventually catch on to repeating words and their meanings, and they will also start asking questions and understanding word meanings. This is a natural way to generate curiosity in a child to learn more. Also, engage with age-appropriate Malayalam media. Movies, TV shows, and cartoons are all ways to introduce Malayalam to your child, with or without subtitles. Visual media will help your child comprehend Malayalam faster.

Games and jokes

Introduce word games to your child. This is a great way to improve your child’s vocabulary. Practice with Malayalam words that sound similar but have different meanings, and vice versa.

Tell classic Malayalam jokes or funny stories from your own childhood; when the child doesn’t understand certain parts, explain with details and patience. Play games like scrabble, charades, or pictionary with Malayalam words. Use the same words in your conversations in different sentences until they master the pronunciation.


Riddles and rhymes

Riddles are a fun way to learn and understand complex sentence structures, as well as similar words with different meanings or unlike words with the same meaning. Riddling will also improve your child’s comprehension skills. So make up fun riddles in your free time with your children. Teach your child Malayalam rhymes and poems. Repetitive chants will promote memory retention and speaking skills. Encourage them to create their own rhyming sentences to describe something. This is a fun way for them to practice speaking in Malayalam.


Music and tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are a perfect way for you to incorporate Malayalam into your daily routine. Practice a tongue twister per day with your child to correct their Malayalam pronunciation, apart from teaching them the correct way to articulate Malayalam words. This is an easy and fun exercise you can do every day with your children.

Play Malayalam songs at home; children are sure to notice and learn new Malayalam words from songs. If they particularly like a song, they will try to sing it, which will be an organic way for children to learn the pronunciations of Malayalam words on their own and comprehend the meaning of the lyrics.


Malayalam comic books and magazines

Do you remember children’s magazines like ‘balarama’ or ‘balabhumi’ from your childhood?  Classic graphic stories and comics in these magazines used to be a big part of our childhood, right? Make Malayalam children’s magazines and storybooks available for your children. These stories will improve your child’s Malayalam reading skills and their curiosity about Malayalam literature in general. We all start by reading comics and picture books and move on to more serious forms of literature like poems and short stories. So encourage children to read when they are home; if they struggle, gently help and nudge them to read alone.


Environment and encouragement

Use your devices and technology in Malayalam in front of your kid once in a while. If you are driving through a familiar route, let your GPS speak in Malayalam! Remember that the idea of multilingualism will be easier to grasp for children with constant and varied exposure to different languages. Gently encourage the children when they try new things, but don't force the language on them; it will only create aversion. Instead, create the right atmosphere, surround your child with easy learning devices, and include the fun activities mentioned above in your daily routine to make your child’s Malayalam learning journey effortless.


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As we discussed before, learning a language is not a straightforward process. But an intentional and systematic approach will work wonders!

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