Prepare for the Kerala trip with kids in June-July summer vacation

Summer is a nostalgic time for many of us because it reminds us of our own childhood and the leisure months of playing and enjoying our free time, going on trips with our parents, and making new friends and playmates. You might remember going to your grandparents’ homes and being overfed and pampered like never before during your vacation months. However, if you are out of the country, your kids might be missing all the love and goodness of your ancestral home and their grandparents. June and July are monsoon months in Kerala, and the vibrant hues of green in the monsoon transform Kerala into a magical tropical paradise. A trip to Kerala to visit your ancestral home is one of the best gifts you can give your kids this summer.

Kerala in June and July

Kerala is known around the world as the gods’ own country, but if you have grown up here, you don't need an introduction to its beauty and magnificence. Stunning landscapes, hill stations, backwaters, paddy fields, beaches, waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful villages—Kerala is beautiful throughout the year, and the fact that all of these different landscapes are accessible with a few hours of driving makes it one of the most unique and easiest destinations to explore.

As we discussed before, unlike in the northern hemisphere, where it is summer, June and July are monsoon months in Kerala. The rain transforms the land, and you can witness new life springing to life everywhere; everything is green, new, and fresh. Watching the drizzle of rain outside as you have a cup of hot tea and signature Kerala snacks in the evening is one of the warmest memories of everyone who has spent their monsoons in Kerala.

Your summer vacation in Kerala with kids in the monsoon months will be one of the most wonderful and sweetest memories of their childhood. Kids who grow up abroad with no exposure to their culture or homeland sometimes feel alienated; they lack a sense of belonging in either place. Being rooted and understanding who you are is important for personal growth, and spending some time with their family in their homeland is the best way for kids to get acquainted with everything in between their culture, food, cultural norms, and mother tongue.


Things to do in Kerala with your kids

Kerala is a travellers’ paradise regardless of the time they visit because there is something beautiful to see and so many new adventures to experience whenever you visit here. But with kids, there is so much more to do than explore a few destinations. Here are some of the things you should do when you visit Kerala between June and July during your summer vacation.

Visit ancestral home and family

A visit to your home is an unskippable part of your vacation with kids in Kerala. Visiting your ancestral home and town and meeting up with close family members will bring your kids closer to the environment you grew up in. They can taste the delicious homemade feasts; you can take them on a journey in your memory lane; converse in Malayalam and improve their vocabulary; and meet other kids their age and build new friendships. The monsoon rain will take you right back to your childhood memories in Kerala, and you can narrate those stories in detail for your kids. The cozy feeling of coming home will prepare you and your children for the rest of your vacation and adventures in Kerala.

Roadtrip in Kerala

A Kerala vacation is not complete without a family road trip. Kerala has so many iconic destinations, such as Varkala, Alleppey, Munnar, Wayanad, and Kochi. Your kids can witness the stunning landscapes of Kerala, and there is nothing better than a road trip to strengthen the family bond, right?! Beaches, hill stations, backwaters, waterfalls, evergreen forests, and historic cities that reflect Kerala’s colonial history—there are a million things to explore in Kerala with your kids, and based on their interests, you can choose where to go.


Explore the cuisines of Kerala

Apart from the stunning landscapes, Kerala is known for its rich culinary heritage. An international trade centre from ancient times, Kerala has accommodated several cultures across the world, and they all left a mark on Kerala’s culinary heritage. Kerala, with its unique mix of spices, the goodness of coconut, an interesting mix of tastes from across the world, and the constant innovations in dishes, is heaven for foodies. Introduce this richness of tastes to your children and watch them fall in love with their homeland.


Kerala is dreamy in the monsoon, and visiting here with your kids on summer vacation this year is going to be an incredible experience for you and your kids. Visiting your home, family, and hometown and experiencing the beautiful destinations in Kerala with your kids can be magical. Introducing them to the quirks and qualities of life here and exploring the rich culinary heritage, history, language, and culture will help them better understand themselves. Akshharam Malayalam Learning School wishes you and your family a wonderful vacation in Kerala.

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