Encourage Students to Excel in Distance Learning Environments

Online education or distance learning is an amazing opportunity that provides children the ability to learn in a flexible environment and to practice self-discipline. Learning online isn’t like classroom learning; students are often sitting at home and learning by themselves or with their parents’ help rather than in a vibrant classroom environment. In distance learning environments setting up visual presentations for everyone to see can be time-consuming, and it is significantly more challenging for the teacher to observe and interact with their students. There are so many hurdles to overcome with online learning for students, parents, and teachers. However, Akshharam, the leading institute which provides excellent Malayalam language communication classes online, makes it easy for parents to teach their children Malayalam communication in the most effective, fun and interactive way! Akshharam is the most preferred Malayalam language learning school for online classes. We also offer exclusive summer programs for Malayalam language learning for children. All the courses are customised to meet the children’s Malayalam language skills and learning levels.



Seeking help and support is a common desire among online students. Online students and their parents want instructors who listen to, support, and communicate with them. Akshharam has the best Malayalam instructors who provide excellent support to the students. Students may feel more distracted and less focused on learning during online classes, and if they get distracted, students miss essential points and content. Mind wandering can undermine their learning as well, which impacts their effective learning. So we try to make sure that all our sessions are lively and interactive through audio-visual elements.


Let us look at some ways to help students make the most of distance learning environments:


  • It is important to allow students to follow a well-planned schedule. Parents can block distracting contents or consider using extension browsers to make sure that children do not get involved in unnecessary activities during the online classes. Parents and instructors can guide students to note down daily learning objectives and support them to achieve the leaning goals. Students may feel overwhelmed by online learning. So, it is vital to set clear goals to help them stay motivated. At the beginning of each week, set clear, measurable goals and break assignments into manageable pieces for what needs to be done each day. 


  • The simplest way to check if kids are actually listening is to make the sessions interactive by asking them questions. Sometimes during the online classes, it’s easy to switch off and get distracted, as students are just expected to just listen and take notes, rather than take part in any activity. So, we make our sessions as interesting as possible to keep the children’s attention intact.


  • Children may feel fatigue when being exposed to online sessions continuously. If students feel tired, overwhelmed, or anxious from overusing virtual platforms, taking a break can improve focus and task completion. Parents can try to schedule breaks for their children between classes and consider changing their settings to get some fresh air, sunlight, or a drink of water, as rest is vital to everyone’s health and learning ability.


  • Rewards can help students maintain their motivation level and morale. When students are motivated extrinsically, they will engage in any activity to attain a positive reward, avoid a negative reward like punishment, or achieve a priceless outcome. Students might opt to challenge themselves and reward themselves after a difficult assignment or test.


  • Both teachers and students can maintain student engagement by asking questions to gauge their learning. If students are asked questions in between their sessions, they will be more attentive and focused and will be able to grasp the teachings better. Challenges, assignments, and online quizzes are helpful for making the students get involved and motivated for the lesson, as well as for brushing through what was taught in the previous class. Surprise quizzes are indeed effective at motivating less engaged students who may be unprepared or less prepared for the classes. Even though they’ve had little time to prepare for the quiz, a recap quiz at the start of a lesson will help them to remember key information and get focused. Making the quiz fun and competitive by providing a prize or grading system will make it even more interesting and engaging for the students. It is indeed an easy way to make online learning fun and lively for everyone involved, as well as rewarding those students who have been working hard. This way, parents can also know how motivated and engaged their children are in the distance learning environment.


If you are looking to give the best Malayalam language learning online class to your children, then enroll them in Akshharam’s Malayalam language learning school for online classes or in our summer programs for Malayalam language learning to give your children the best distance learning environment where they can learn Malayalam in the most effective way!