The Magic of Storytelling Technique for Kids: A New Fun Way to Learn Malayalam.

Do you remember the bedtime stories our parents and grandparents told us when we were young? Those are the stories we can’t forget till the day we die, right?!

Well, that’s the magic of storytelling for you!

Storytelling is a technique as old as parenthood, used to pass on precious stories, culture, history, and language. It’s a way of communicating stories with vivid, interactive words and actions to create a lasting impact on the listener. At Akshharam Online Malayalam learning school, this interactive way of learning is an essential part of the curriculum.

Storytelling is a step that you are bound to use while you walk your child through the first lessons of Malayalam. But why don’t we do it more intentionally and make it more effective?

Here, we will discuss why and how we can make storytelling impactful in our children’s lives.


What is the impact of storytelling?

Reading is an essential practice people of all ages must do. But is storytelling merely reading stories for someone? No! Storytelling and reading are entirely different devices with their unique advantages and techniques.

Storytelling is generally administered without the help of physical pictures, relying more on eye contact and interaction between the listener and the speaker. Storytelling engages the child’s imagination and ideas, which leads to a better understanding of the intended tone of the story by the child. When a child hears a story this way, they are more likely to comprehend the story better and do the retelling more accurately because of the higher level of attentiveness harvested from the storytelling method.

The storytelling method also encourages the child to visualize the story, which will bring about the enhancement of imagination, increased vocabulary, and refined communication skills.

On top of all this, this is a way for children to connect with the older generation. Sharing stories about your heritage and history will bond you together and build a juncture of artistry between you.


Fun ideas for practicing storytelling with your child

The story: Picking a good story is as important as how you administer it. Choose a story with a clear arc and narrative, something definitive. A story with a moral lesson would be a good choice because it can leave a lasting impression on the child’s psyche. Try some Malayalam classics like the “Aamayum Muyalum” story or the story of “two woodcutters”. Personal stories from your childhood are also a fine choice.

Captivate your child: Bring back your acting skills for this one! Act out the emotions, dialogues, and sound effects, and give your child a full theater experience with your storytelling. Maintain eye contact and emphasize important plot points of the story; Change the pace once in a while to build tension, and grab the full attention of your kid this way!

Create your own story: If the old stories are too repetitive, build a story on your own with familiar characters or make your kids the main characters who go through exciting adventures and situations. Let them have their input to this story, which will help them have their interpretation and have a chance to explore the language of Malayalam on their own.

Questions in between: Make sure you ask questions in between the narration about the story to keep the child attentive. Ask questions after finishing the story as well to prompt them to process what they heard on their own and think critically about it. Engage the children to ask questions, this way they will have a better understanding and context of the story.

The retelling: Encouraging the child to retell the story to a friend or a relative is important. It will help you understand the comprehension level of the child and their perspective on the story. This technique will be greatly beneficial for practicing the Malayalam vocabulary and acting as a memory exercise. You can also retell the same story with new developments and characters as well.

These are a few techniques to improve your child’s Malayalam in a fun way by making intentional use of the storytelling method. This is effective in increasing your child’s comprehension skills, vocabulary, and communication skills, and in understanding the overall sound and tone of language, along with connecting to the cultural contexts. But learning Malayalam is not just speaking Malayalam!

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