Storytelling can be beneficial for children in 8 ways

Parents today resort to the convenience of technology to make their children sleep. Yea it may seem easier for kids to fall asleep after watching a video or their favourite cartoons. But did you know that nothing can be compared to the beauty of storytelling for kids? As a parent, how much time on an average do you spend daily on storytelling?


Storytelling plays an important role in the mental development of your pre-schooler. Storytelling offers several advantages to your children and it can be as simple as talking about your own childhood experiences or narrating a funny aspect of your day.


Let’s learn about the benefits of storytelling for kids-


  • Instils virtues in children at an early age

Young children love listening to stories a lot. When you invest time in storytelling for your little ones, you are actually instilling values in them that they can carry on as they grow old. Make it a point to tell them stories with characters whose values they can inculcate in their lives or stories that contain meaningful messages. Doing this helps kids to learn about kindness, wisdom, honesty, compassion and more.


  • Develops their listening skills

It’s not an easy task to hold a child`s attention for long and many kids fail to concentrate on something for a longer period. Either they talk or their mind will wander elsewhere. However, storytelling can help develop their listening skills. Kids tend to become more attentive and also learn to focus their mind on a certain topic.


  • Fosters imagination in kids

When children listen to stories, they imagine the characters, plot, settings, etc.  It is a lot different then watching something on the screen. Storytelling lets children’s imaginations run wild and enhances their creativity making them to open to new ideas.


  • Enhances their understanding of culture

Telling stories to kids opens their mind to new places, cultures and traditions. They imagine themselves in the place of the characters and this in turn develops their empathy.


  • Improves communication skills

Reading and storytelling can enhance children’s ability to express themselves. This encourages them to communicate their feelings, emotions and thoughts. Always encourage your kids to ask questions or discuss their thoughts as you are telling. As you continue to indulge in storytelling, children tend to learn new words and will have a broader vocabulary.


  • Aids in sharpening memory

Storytelling is an excellent way to sharpen kids’ memory. When you narrate them a story, try to do a review or ask your kids to recall some of the details from the story. Ask them questions in between and see how much they have retained.


  • Facilitates learning

Telling stories to your little one acts as a stepping stone for future academic learning. It is a great way to prepare them for school as it makes learning natural and a lot easier. This also helps improve your child`s focus and attention.


  • Boosts social skills

Storytelling helps kids to learn how to pay attention and listen to the person talking. They become more patient as they learn to listen to others when they speak. It makes them understand thoughts of other people and understand how people`s opinion vary.


Storytelling has numerous benefits and it can teach kids many things about the world and life. It gives them opportunity to learn about new things that they might have never encountered before. Given these amazing benefits, parents are advised to spend some time storytelling for their little ones.

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