Children’s Writing Speed: How to Improve It

Is your child struggling to take notes or dictations at school? Is your child losing confidence due to their inability to cope with the stress of writing it all down? Don’t worry, you just need to come up with all the tools to work the problem.

In this competitive world, dexterity with pen and pencil is an important skill to consider. Without this, your child may not be able to keep up with this fast-paced world. A lot of exams on various competitive occasions, that are time-bound, need to be conquered by your child. To do so, writing skills must be in place. Starting at a young age, children need to learn to write fast and as clearly as possible.


In case, your child hasn’t caught up with the writing skills and is too slow for his age, you may induce different techniques to improve their writing speed which we will discuss in this blog.  

Make writing fun

For kids, having fun is the most important motivation. Keep that in mind while preparing them for writing tasks. For example, if your kid likes cars, ask them to write about it. You can make them do it every day using their favourite topics. It could be about ice creams or cartoons, just make them write. This will give them time to think and write initially and they will concentrate on letter formation and legibility.


Try teaching letter formation

You could use letter tracing workbooks to teach your child letter formation. This is the simplest way to tackle poor handwriting. With a better understanding of letter formation, your child will automatically start writing neatly, clearly and fast.  


The right grasp

For a 4-year-old, the tripod grasp is the most appropriate one. Make sure they are holding the writing instrument right. The grasp should not be too tight or too loose. This will drastically affect their legibility while writing.


Correct posture

Make sure your child is sitting straight while writing. They should be using their shoulder and forearm to write. It will strengthen their muscles and help them write legibly and improve their speed.


Give them topics to copy from

When your child starts to write legibly, give them topics to copy from. This will help them by not thinking and just copying from the source learning to write faster and in correct form. This will up their speed during taking notes.


Time-bound assignments

Time is the best teacher. A race against the clock will help your child improve drastically. Make them sit in front of a clock and write. This will give them a simulation of the competition ahead in life. If they win the time-bound assignment race, reward them and encourage them to take up similar tasks more often. 


Work on fine motor activity

In case children are experiencing pain in their hands and fingers while writing, try different exercises or games to help them improve. Try giving them sponge balls to squeeze so that their fingers get used to tight grips. Teach them different finger exercises. That will help improve their grip on the pencil. You can also try different pencil grips available on the market.


Practice and more practice

Finally, it all comes down to the factor that how much time and effort your child puts into improving their handwriting and speed. Make sure they do it every day and compare their timing. There is no shortcut to this process. Practice makes things perfect and you have to push it hard.


Considering the effort that goes into teaching your kid to write fast, it could be called a herculean task. But it sure is a step in ensuring a successful life for your child. Try and understand if your child has any special needs. If yes, try to tend to those needs and that will make things easy for you and your child and bring better results.

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