How Effective are Online Classes for Kids?

Times have changed post-pandemic. It taught us a lot about crisis management. During those trying times, it was the internet that saved us. It has kept us alive through the isolation days. People suddenly found the internet as a useful tool to navigate through the mundane. This has affected all the spheres of our lives.

The education sector is also witnessing this mass shift. A lot of kids are already learning online. We parents may have never attended an online class, and are concerned about how effective these virtual classrooms are. We at Akshharam are here to unburden you from your worries about the effectiveness of online classes.

There are many advantages to online classes. We are getting ready for the next best thing of our future, the tech-savvy world, where we will remain illiterate if not updated, as our predecessors were to books. We don’t want that to happen to our kids. We better start now!


We can start by considering the effectiveness of online classes for our kids.

First, the most important lesson we learned during COVID-19 is that despite being social animals, to survive we had to deal with quarantine. We, as human beings, were not to come in contact with other people and we had to learn it the hard way. This is something we can impart starting from a young age(doesn’t mean stop socializing, instead can control the urge during similar times, like acclimatisation). This may address all the threats that our kids may face during similar conditions. It is healthy to teach them how to utilize the online classes.

Next comes the point that the children are not in a classroom of 30 or 40 students where only a few get all the attention from the teacher. In online classes students may get better attention with more more one on one approach. This helps kids to connect to their teacher better and respond well to their teaching.

The third on our list is the flexibility of time that allows children to feel under less pressure when compared to scheduled classrooms. Here they can plan their routine and attend the class when they have the maximum attention span. This gives them the liberty to finish all their extracurricular activities before attending the class. They get the time to think well during the class and after it as well. They can also learn at their own pace which means that they may take time but will never be left behind in an online classroom.

Fourth is the comfort of home. It can save a lot of time and money and also gives the child the comfort of being in their favourite place. They can always set up a study table or a room itself. This cannot be done during offline classes. The only thing is that they need to be closely watched by their parents while they are in online classes. Children, especially between the ages of 4 and 6 attending online classes tend to be more distracted, but that can be controlled by the parents' overwatch.

The fifth point is that they are learning the art of exploiting the internet for more knowledge. Kids tend to learn fast and they can get ahead by merely learning to use the tool properly. Of course, close monitoring by the parents is advised. This will prepare them for the tech-filled future.

The last point on our list is that the kids learning online develop a unique curiosity, as they have access to loads of information, and can satisfy them within minutes. This challenge to find what is not known to them proves very productive when the child is engaged in the game of learning. Yes! They must be monitored closely.    


There are many online platforms for kids to interact and learn. If you are a Malayalam language enthusiast and want your child to learn it, then Akshharam, a Malayalam Language Learning School Online is here for you. We have many programs intended to teach your kids from basic to advanced levels.

Harishree session is for teaching them how to write and read the Malayalam alphabet, their sounds, and write small words as well. Vaayanashaala session is meant to increase their fluency in reading and writing. Thoolika sessions are the level three sessions that are meant to teach grammar and conversations. The fourth level is Kilikonchal sessions, and it is the final stage where the kids are taught how to use what they were taught in previous sessions.

With our Malayalam Language Writing Class Online, your child will become proficient in the Malayalam language. They will not only be learning a new language but also learning about a culture they ought to know more about. It will bring out the true Malayali in them.