An Easy Guide to Malayalam Numbers and Counting



Do you know how to enquire about the price of something or count something in Malayalam? If your answer is no, then have a look at our guide to help you learn the essential Malayalam numbers and counting.


As we know, numbers are often applied in conversations in our everyday life. We tend to use numbers to convey many things on a daily basis, even if we don’t think of them that often. How many fruits are you going to buy? Or how much do coconuts cost? How far away is this address in kilometers? And also what is the current date? Or when is my important meeting?


Learning the numbers in your target language with Akshharam should be one of the first things you do, together with learning common words, phrases, and greetings. Further, if you are interested in gaining mastery over the wonderful and official language of Kerala, have a go for all our blogs. We assist you to simplify communication in a variety of situations. Today we will have a look at Malayalam numbers and counting.


Counting with Malayalam Numbers


We will start by looking at the basic Malayalam numbers from 1 to 10.


Zero(0)- Pujyam, One(1)- Onnu, Two(2)- Randu, Three (3)- Moonnu, Four (4)- Naalu, Five(5)- Anchu, Six(6)- Aaru, Seven(7)- Ezhu, Eight(8)- ettu, Nine(9)- Onpathu, Ten(10), Patt, Eleven(11)- Pathinonnu, Twelve(12)- Pantrandu, Thirteen(13), Pathimoonu. Fourteen(14)- Pathinaalu, Fifteen(15)- Pathinanchu, Sixteen(16)- Pathinaaru, Seventeen(17)- Pathinezhu, Eighteen(18)- Pathinettu, Nineteen(19)-Pathonapathu, Twenty(20)- Irupathu, Hundred(100)-Nooru, Two Hundred(200)- Irunooru, Three Hundred(300)- Munnooru, Thousand (1000)- Aayiram, Two Thousand(2000)- Randayiram, One Million(1,000,000)- Pathu Laksham.


Ordinal Numbers in Malayalam


Ordinal numbers in Malayalam stand for the order of items in a set for instance: first, second, third, and so on. The amount is not indicated by these ordinal numbers rather they display the location or level only. Let’s have a look at some of the Malayalam cardinal and ordinal numbers. Remembering and learning to pronounce these words can help you expand your Malayalam vocabulary.


First(1st)- Adhyam, Second(2nd)- Randamattedh, Third(3rd)- Moonamadh, Fourth(4th)- Naalamatte, Fifth(5th)- Anchamattedh, Sixth(6th)- Aaramadh, Seventh(7th)- Ezhamattedh, Eighth(8th)- Ettamattedh, Ninth(9th)- Onpathamattedh, Tenth(10th)- Pattamathe, Eleventh(11th)- Pathinonnamatteth, Twelfth(12th)- Pandrandamatteth, Thirteenth(13th)- Pathimoonamatteth, Fourteenth(14th)- Pathinalamatteth, Fifteenth(15th)- Pathinanjamatteth, Sixteenth(16th)- Pathinaramatteth, Seventeenth(17th)- Pathinezhamatteth, Eighteenth(18th)- Pathinettamatteth, Nineteenth(19th), Pathonpadhamatteth, Twentieth(20th)- Irupatham, Once- Orikkal, Twice- Randuthavana


Measuring Quantity in Malayalam


Let’s have a look at some of the basic measurements we do in our everyday lives in the Malayalam language.

Half- Pakuthi

Less- Kurachu/ Kuranju

More-  Koodudhal/Koodiya


Grammar rules for Malayalam Numbers


Cardinal numbers in Malayalam hint at counting numbers since they reflect the amount. The examples provided below employ numbers in a variety of contexts so as to explain how they behave when employed in a phrase.


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