Fun learning Malayalam for Kids

Have you tried all sorts of learning techniques with your child to no avail? Kids find it difficult to grasp any language all of a sudden if it's purely learning. But when you apply them in a fun method, it helps them to memorize. Learning a language, especially Malayalam, might be hectic when it comes to pronunciation, grammar, spelling, etc. Motivating kids to learn Malayalam can be complicated! Researches show that if a language learning activity is made in a fun way, its content will be comprehended and retained more quickly. Here we will reveal the most commonly used techniques for teaching kids. If necessary, you may allot your kid to some Malayalam language learning school online to make their learning comfortable by keeping them entertained.


1. Learning poems by heart

It is useful to learn texts by heart which helps to activate their vocabulary and grammar while improving pronunciation and intonation. A lot of children are made to learn folk songs, poems, and proverbs at an early age because it plays a big role in developing fluency. Vocabulary seems to stick into their mind for easier recall later with poems. Learning rhymes is easier than learning prose. The prose is composed of long sentences, and kids' brains are optimized to filter out unnecessary information when reading it, capturing only the crux of a story. With poetry and rhymes, our brain automatically receives signals where the structure of the text is significant, making us remember it. Poetry is also more expressive, creative, imaginative, and emotional than prose, which assists our memory. Pick short and easily understandable rhymes because children have short attention spans and often struggle with focus. Kids are more likely to remember a poem, or story if they understand its meaning. Make sure that it contains only familiar grammar constructions and mostly familiar words to avoid confusion.


2. Singing songs

Songs are even more effortless to remember than rhymes. According to studies, music helps us to remember things better because of a process called chunking, where we group separate pieces of information into larger units. Human has a short-term memory that can only hold about 7 units of information at a time and music allows us to chunk lyrics together by linking words and phrases in a song, making us more likely to remember the song. Teach your juniors songs accompanied by actions because they will love to move and dance. Making an activity fun helps kids learn a language and are more likely to recall it.


3. Playing Games

Renowned psychologists advise playfully teaching kids anything because playing activities helps to nurture imagination giving them a sense of adventure. According to experts, games are actually the best way to learn the Malayalam language for young kids. It helps them learn essential skills like problem-solving, working with others, sharing, and even language skills. To teach your kid a language through playing activities, keep them short, for their attention span is short. Play as long as the child is interested and cooperating, and not more than 30 minutes with toddlers.


4. Cartoons

Children are much entertained watching cartoons which are fun-oriented and can learn from them effortlessly. Also, they can take kids into another world. There are two types of cartoons that you can use to teach a language to kids. Cartoons where the characters speak only the Malayalam language and ones where they speak partly their mother tongue and partly another language (say English). Comics in two languages are better for a smoother learning approach that is more gradual and likely best for kiddies. The latter often involves characters asking children to repeat some words or phrases in Malayalam, which they follow with great pleasure.


5. Online lessons

Three advantages of learning foreign languages with Malayalam language communication class online are:


  • Learn from anywhere
  • Budget-friendly than traditional classes
  • Get to learn from native speakers.


If you are deciding to choose an online tutor for your child, it is crucial to take into consideration their training technique and expertise to have a good rapport with your child. On e-learning platforms, you can find professional Malayalam language tutors for kids. They teach the kids over different levels of proficiency and ages using a wide range of fun resources to promote participation and progression. Lessons are designed in a way to feel comfortable for the students to concentrate on their individual needs in lessons supported by worksheets and vocabulary lists. Often they conduct fun lessons that aim to teach children to speak Malayalam with confidence and like a native speaker. Also, these tutors are skilled and experienced in teaching and training kids to love and preserve their mother tongue. 


Through these online classes, the instructors practice a personal approach to every child and their lessons are delightful. Why not try one of the online Malayalam lessons and see for yourself! Contact and enquire right away if you are looking for a hand in need.