Introducing Yourself in Malayalam - 4 Easy Steps for Kids


Do you know how to introduce yourselves in Malayalam? Let’s have a quick look at how to introduce ourselves better in this beautiful language and have flawless interactions with the native people of Kerala.


1. Why is it Important to Introduce Yourself in the Malayalam Language?

It is important to introduce yourself as it demonstrates your confidence while meeting new people. It makes others feel at ease while having a conversation with you and also you can make an excellent first impression. If you are well versed in Malayalam language, it will help you break the ice when meeting new people.


2. Learning Greetings in Malayalam

It`s extremely important to greet when you go somewhere or meet new people. Always try to greet the local people in their mother tongue. First time greetings speaks volumes of your personality, so always put forward your best version by starting conversation with a humble greeting.

When you meet a new person, greet them by saying “Hello! (“Namaskaram.”) You can also greet someone using words as “Hi! Good to see you.” (“Namaskaram, kandadhil valare sandosham.”). Depending on the time of day you can also wish alternatively. Some ways are good afternoon, good evening, etc


3. Introducing Yourselves in Basic Phrases

One must always be aware of the basic phrases while learning to introduce yourself in Malayalam. Phrases like “What`s your name” and “My name is” are some of the commonly used ones. When translated to Malayalam the phrases will be ‘’ningalude peru enthanu’’ and ‘’ente peru.” You should also learn more such phrases before conversing with Malayali people. Some such phrases are How are you? (Sukamano?), What’s up? (Enthundu vishesham?), etc


4. Introducing Profession in the Malayalam Language

You can start conversing in Malayalam by understanding the meaning of words you are using. After greeting, you can mention your profession so as to continue the conversation. You are more likely to continue the conversation when another person has the same career as you.  For instance, if you want to say “I am a doctor” in Malayalam, you might say “Njan oru doctor aanu”.


Other Phrases to Continue your Conversation

After introducing yourself, you have to move onto some advanced phrases. For this purpose, learn to say “It is nice meeting you” “kandadhil santhosham.” You can also continue the conversation by saying, “please visit my place someday “Orikal ente sthalam sandarshikoo”. Other phrases like “Feel free to call me” enne vi?ikkan madikkenda.


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