The Best Way to Learn Malayalam Language for Kids: Unlocking the World with Online Classes!

Did you notice how the digital era is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives now? Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming increasingly commonplace. It's like we are living in the science fiction shows we enjoyed as kids. As a direct result of this, the education sector, as we know it, is about to go through a massive transformation!

Nonetheless, we were already provided with a crash course on facing these significant changes during the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic; we became accustomed to online learning, smoothly adapting to this new method. And now, at Akshharam Malayalam language learning school online, your little ones will savor the sweetness of Malayalam while simultaneously being acquainted with virtual learning too!


The Best Way to Learn a Language


The best way to learn any language is through interaction. Children are impressionable, especially through visual mediums! Some kids are auditory learners, too. But here are some methods that are sure to help your kid in their Malayalam learning journey!


Speak Malayalam!


If you are someone who already speaks Malayalam, the best way to improve your kids' Malayalam is by speaking the language at home. Constant exposure to the language will help the child grasp the concept of multilingualism in a very organic way.

An early introduction to the language will also help with having a basic understanding of the flow and sound of the language.

In addition to this active learning method, doing fun vocabulary exercises with little flashcards or language-learning apps will go a long way!


Have a programme!


Yes, have a program. For kids who are a little older, an intentional study plan is essential. To develop and improve writing skills and comprehension, regular practice is needed.

As parents, what you can do is help the children build a comfortable study scheme and healthy learning habits, and include it into their daily routines.


Books, with pictures!


Children have a natural liking for books. If they come in colorful illustrations, even better. Make sure you read children’s books in Malayalam with your kid. If it’s an illustrated book, the child tends to be more attentive and grasp the concepts faster.

Encourage older children to actively read Malayalam books, or give them excellent translations of books they already love in English, like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Winnie the Pooh, etc.


Movies and Music


As we discussed before, visual and auditory mediums will easily influence children if they are exposed to them. So if you want to introduce your child to Malayalam in a very organic way, have them watch and listen to age-appropriate Malayalam media, like cartoons, movies, music videos, rhymes, etc. This will also introduce them to colloquial terms and common slang.


Backpack to Kerala


Plan a little vacation to Kerala. Here, your kids will see boards and advertisements written in Malayalam all over the place, and they will be automatically compelled to read them. Exposure to people speaking in rapid Malayalam will surely help them to be more acquainted with the language.


But just casual exposure to the language is not enough. A systematic learning plan is infinitely better than leaving the child to catch up with the language of their surroundings. We at Akshharam have an excellent and customizable curriculum that is designed to ensure your child will have the pre-eminent learning experience while procuring the essence of Malayalam.


Learn with Akshharam


We at Akshharam offer a variety of programs designed to make your child’s Malayalam language learning journey smooth. Harishree is a Malayalam language writing class online at Akshharam. This is an introductory course that will teach your child the fundamentals of the Malayalam language. This program is followed by more advanced interactive sessions to cement the fundamentals of Malayalam for your child.


The beauty of learning any language, in this case, Malayalam, is not merely mastering it; Forming a deep connection with your peers and the language itself is the key to unlocking a profound understanding of the culture and history that backs up the language. Our mother tongue is a legacy we’re obliged to pass on to the next generation. Malayalam is an incredibly unique, versatile, and musical language hoarding a prodigious literary treasure. Let's ensure this poetic language doesn't fade away with other forgotten cultures.

At Akshharam, We welcome your little ones to join our virtual classrooms ringing with laughter and affinity to master the fundamentals and cement a strong foundation in the Malayalam language. Let our children be confident and familiar with advanced learning methods and technology while growing grounded and closer to their roots.