Back to school preparation for kids

Summer is almost over, and so is the endless playtime for our little ones! The beginning of a new academic year is around the corner, and schools are getting ready to be reopened. New teachers, subjects to learn, new friends, and new timetables and patterns to adapt to—back to school is a busy time for kids. However, the week before starting the new academic year is even busier for parents. There are a million things to pay attention to and look after to make your child school-ready. So here is a comprehensive guide to help you through back to school preparation for kids.

Tips to get ready for school

Summer is leisure and free time; waking up late, playing in the sun, and not having a specific routine are all part of it. But when it comes to back to school preparation for kids, this whole routine-less routine has to change, and we all need to adapt to the hectic school timings. As a parent, it could be even harder for you than it is for kids, so preparing beforehand and having a good back-to-school plan can make it easier for kids to adapt to the new routine while also simplifying your work. So here are some tips and points to pay attention to before sending your kid to school this year.

Fix the sleep schedule

As we already discussed, rarely do kids have a proper routine in the summer; they are free to sleep late and wake up late, but when the schools reopen, waking up late is not an option. Changing this habit one day and waking up early on the first day of school might not be very easy for children, so slowly fixing their sleep schedule, prompting them to sleep early, and waking them up early prior to the school reopening will ease them into a routine, and the first days of school won't be as tiresome for them.


Bring back the regular routine

Fixing the sleep schedule is the first step to easing into establishing a regular school-going routine, but it doesn't end there. When we discuss back to school preparation for kids, having an early, nutritious breakfast, having lunch on time, and getting ready early is all part of the regular school routine, so putting some of those practices into practice and establishing that routine will make it easier for kids to go to school.

Go shopping with your kids

Apart from establishing a proper routine, when it comes to back to school preparation for kids, shopping for stationery is one of the most important steps to take care of. Go shopping with your kids and buy books, pens, pencils, graphs, and other items they need for school so that you can avoid last-minute worries and run to the shop. Prepare a clear list of things to buy and shop based on that; help kids choose their favourite brand of writing tools and books; and mark the list as you finish the shopping. Preparing a list will be helpful because you can shop systematically and make sure you haven't forgotten anything, and in case you can't find an item, you can try other stores and will have enough time on your hands to get everything in order.

A high-quality backpack, umbrella, lunch box, and water bottle are among the most important school apparel items you should choose with care. When buying stationary items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and books, buy a little extra because in case there is an emergency, like if a subject needs more than one notebook, you don't need to run to the store to find it, and it can't go to waste either because you can use it for the next year.


Homework and lunch plans

Unless your kid is just starting school this year, they surely would have gotten some summer homework and exercises to complete before starting the new academic year. Make sure your kid has finished it all, and if they are not yet done with the summer homework and exercises, help them finish them. Finishing these homework assignments will get the kids back on track with their schoolwork and refresh the concepts and chapters they studied last year.

When it comes to back to school preparation for kids, making lunch menus for the week is another key step that will make your job easier when the school reopens. Unless the school provides kids with their daily lunch, you need to pack a healthy, nutritious lunch for your child, and getting confused as to what to make every day will be a challenge for you, so prepare a lunch plan beforehand to eliminate this confusion.


Starting school after a long summer break is going to be challenging for both kids and parents, but the tips above will surely help you get ready for the new academic year. Akshharam Malayalam Language Reading Class Online wishes everyone a very happy start to the new academic year. Starting a year fully prepared and with the right tools can make all the difference and bring the best out of our children. However, while helping them, make sure they can make decisions independently; it will boost their confidence and improve their academic prowess even further. Connect with us to learn more about our Malayalam language writing class online and back-to-school offers.